Benefits to you

Introducing our new online business management and collaboration tool, Stream.

10 reasons to start using Stream

  • Time and cost saving – all your bookkeeping & accounting data are managed in one location. Reduce reliance on IT and save costs on storage.
  • Global access - Access any time anywhere with internet connection on any device.
  • Business intelligence – Get a snapshot of business performance metrics providing valuable insights to your business enabling you to make timely and informed decisions.
  • Visibility – on who your team is at MS and what services you are receiving.
  • Collaborate easier – Information can be shared with anyone at the drop of a hat. No more having to ask your accountant for reports to provide to banks etc. Communication through various methods such as message boards, video chat etc. enhances the customer experience.
  • Restricted access – give team members access only to items you want them to see.
  • Paperless – save the environment. No need to print with electronic signatures and electronic file sharing.
  • One stop shop - Have all your online applications in one spot whether it be business or personal applications. Add Xero, Facebook, Spotify – streamline all your applications in one place so you only have to remember one password.
  • Cost effective – Costs as little as a Spotify subscription.
  • Customisable – sync the tools and apps that are applicable to you and your business.
  • Peace of mind – a collaborative tool for all your accounting and business information giving you access to a dedicated team of advisors offering speciliased support and advice.
 Streamline how you manage your business with MS Stream.
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