2017 MS Australia National Conference

Our conference theme this year is "getting on with business".  The bulk of the disruption which has beset the MS network in Australia over the last few years is behind us. Outside of Queensland, we have representation in the key business geographies in Australia.  Further, all Australian firms have been in the network for approximately 1 year if not more, and have had the opportunity to 'find their feet' during the course of the 2016/17 fiscal year.
Critically, time does not stand still for any one.  Our profession, is continuing to change and evolve, our client’s expectations and ours are increasing and the challenges and opportunities are ever present. We have a clear agenda for the future in the form of our strategic plan.  We have the tools we need to be successful in achieving against that, and we have a group of people whom should be focused, enthused, eager and yearning to "Get on with Business'.
To complement our national network, MSIL has released the global strategic vision which has a strong focus on growth, quality and increased value. The global strategy has promoted greater collaboration between firms on a regional and global scale. This year we will have delegates attending our conference from around the globe – Africa, Asia, Europe and North America, giving all delegates the opportunity to meet, establish and further network with colleagues outside of Australia.
We look forward to welcoming you to our conference.
Kind regards,
Don Boyd
Non-Executive Chairman
Moore Stephens Australia