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New withholding tax regime for property

“The Australian Tax Office is concerned that non-resident taxpayers are not meeting their tax obligations when they sell Australian property. The solution is this new withholding tax regime,” Costanzo, Moore Stephens’ director of tax and business advisory in WA explains.

When a non-resident sells property with a market value of $2 million or more, the purchaser is now required to withhold 10 per cent of the purchase price, and remit this amount to the ATO.

Moore Stephens explains the latest tax incentives for investment in Australian innovation companies.

On 27 July 2016 Moore Stephens WA held an information session for Investors and Early Stage Innovation Companies (ESIC). 

The speaker panel consisted of Davide Costanzo (Moore Stephens), Jeff Broun (PCP), David Greatwich (Swanson Reed) and Paul Clark (Venturecast).

The event focussed on the new tax incentives that came into play on the 1 July 2016 which can give an investor a 20% tax offset and a capital gains tax (CGT) exemption for their investment in an ESIC.

Non-Resident Withholding Tax Regime

From 1 July 2016, disposal of certain Australian property by non-resident Vendors will be subject to a non-final 10% withholding tax. The purpose of this is to assist in the early collection of tax from foreign residents and encourage them to meet their tax obligations in Australia. The tax is required to be withheld by the Purchaser and remitted to the Australian Tax Office (ATO).