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IFRS 16 Leases - What does it mean for you?

Last week the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) issued IFRS 16 on Leases. The changes introduced by this standard is likely to increase both assets and liabilities on your balance sheet and you will need to consider the possible impact on any bank covenants such as Debt/Equity ratios. At Moore Stephens, our expert advisors are well equipped to assist you in applying this revised standard. For more information on the change, read the article below and contact us today.

Financial Reporting

Upcoming Changes to Contributions and Leasing Standards. The Australian Accounting Standards Board (AASB) is currently considering the responses it has received from constituents regarding its proposals in ED 260: Income of Not-for-Profit Entities.

What’s next for the $20k write off

The small business $20,000 depreciating asset write-off was announced as part of the 2016 Federal Budget and was passed by the Senate in June 2015. Now that many small business owners are turning their minds to their 2015 Income Tax Returns what does this mean for you?

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