5 of the best life hack apps

Get your life in order from the palm of your hand.

We have heard about some of the best mobile apps to keep your life on track.

Expense keep
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Expense keep lets you track your monthly budget accross multiple accounts, track your ourgoing expenses and spending, and lets you see it all on a handy chart. You can even export it to an excel spreed sheet.

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We don't always have the time to make it to that yoga class and unwind. Headspace takes you on a 10-15minute journey to improve your foucs, releive anxiety and reduce stress.


Who has time to remember all the passwords our daily lives require? 1Password helps you store your whole life – logins, credit card info, passwords and more in one place.

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We all have a thousand tabs open in our mobile phone's browser with all those articles and memes we haven't had time to read. Pocket allows you to simply save the URL into the app and it will keep it for offline browsing later. 

Breakup Boss

Break-ups suck, but you needn’t suck at break-ups. Break-Up Boss offers advice and techniques to help the broken-hearted process their hurt, heal, and ultimately, see their break-up as the gift it is. Become the boss of your break-up. Own it.

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