Overcoming motivation blocks

Facing a setback or block in motivation is common when tackling a tough project. It can be easy to get caught up by distractions or avoid a task altogether when you are lost for motivation.

Fortunately, motivation is not fixed; it can be improved with a few simple changes to your attitude and behaviour.

Here are five tips to overcome procrastination and boost motivation:

Ask yourself ‘why’

Whether you are drafting a proposal or a deadline is approaching - a good way to motivate yourself to start is by simply asking yourself why the task is important. Keeping the end goal in mind helps connect to the larger purpose of completing the task and what it will accomplish, even if it was assigned to you.

Accomplish small tasks

Instead of viewing a task as one large project, break it down into small, achievable steps. Starting with smaller tasks first can help break down the more difficult or time-consuming steps into manageable chunks.

Rule out negativity

Negative perceptions or feelings can make a trivial project appear large and overwhelming. Reframe the way you view a task by revisiting your goals and reminding yourself of positive memories, i.e. impressive accomplishments or excellent results on a project.

Change up your workspace

Making your work environment comfortable and free from unnecessary distractions is a great way to boost motivation and productivity. A disorganised workspace can contribute to not only physical clutter but mental clutter too.

Unlock your creativity

Creativity can provide more clarity to a problem, help to gain new insights and a different perspective and, can put you in a better head space to deal with challenges. Boosting your creative energy may mean going for a walk, collaborating with a mentor or practising mindfulness.

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