More Women on Boards

Have you ever thought of joining a board? 

Some of you may query, why be on a board? There are fantastic benefits to joining boards, such as:
  • Connections– You can meet some really fascinating people.  Board meetings, events, marketing initiatives, not to mention doing the actual work of the organisation opens you up to whole new networks.
  • Credibility– When an organisation entrusts you with a position like this, it is like an public endorsement of your value.  It is also an affiliation you can be proud to share and promote.
  • Recognition– Your involvement on a board can result in great attention, marketing, and publicity for you and your company.
  • Training– Some organisations will require that you obtain some level of certification or training as part of your board commitment.
  • Exposure–  It’s fascinating to see how different organisations (like non-profits or big corporations) operate on a much deeper level. You learn so much and get exposed to a myriad of new things that make life more interesting and your experience all the richer for it.
  • Context– Boards give you a new level of appreciation for the different types of groups and people that make any society strong.
  • Impact– You’ll help make a difference in a company, a community, an industry, and quite possibly, in a lot of individual lives.
For those of you who are currently on boards, what skills did you gain and how did that impact your work?

For those who have not yet sat on a board, what would you like to get out of this service? And if you are considering it, what is giving you pause?

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Chairperson - Moore Women in Business
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