Live a little bolder!

It's a week since International Women's Day, with the theme for 2017 being 'Be bold for change'. How can we be bolder in our lives?

There are all kinds of barriers that hold us back, however often or not the biggest barrier is the one in our head.

We are constantly trying to keep people happy in our personal and professional lives that when we fall, we fall hard. 

Am I not smart enough, strong enough, assertive enough, organised enough?  There is that little voice before we take the leap asking 'Am I enough?'. 

#beboldforchange........Be the change you want to see in the world. What it is you want to accomplish and who do you want to become? 

Here are five ways to live a little bolder!

Say no: They might not want to hear it, but saying no is healthy. If you are ever going to achieve your goals, then go on, say that little word.

Ask for it: What if they say no? How will you ever know if you don't ask? If you want it, you can't wait around for it to fall in your lap, go out there be brave and ask for what you want.

Risk it: Take down that caution sign and embrace the feeling that comes with it. Women naturally take fewer risks than men, but who's to say we won't love it when we do?

Own it: Own your differences, own your personality, own your life and own your worth. 

Be unique: Stand out from the crowd, and step outside your comfort zone. Being unique makes you different from everyone else, it's your time to shine and be yourself. 

Be bold for yourself, and for all women around the world!

Jessica Bartlett
Chairperson, Moore Women in Business
Business Development & Marketing Manager
+61 3 9608 0123