Property and Construction

The property and construction industry is the foundation of our society - it impacts how and where we live and work, access to schools and hospitals and the infrastructure that supports our community.

Whether as a developer, builder, owner or investor in property, there are major challenges to be faced due to the unpredictability of the market and property prices and these participants have an obligation of seeking the best available advice.

This industry requires a calculated understanding of the variables of low interest rates combined with record 
high property prices and housing debt. There is also the concentrated awareness of government legislation from amended capital gains tax and land tax, through to other areas of compliance.

Additionally, there are changes by governments to policy for the first home buyer’s grant and these all combine to affect developer and investor sentiment and complicate an already complex regulatory framework that provides no clear and confident certainty for the sector.

Participants in the property segment seek to have confidence and control over their future direction, so it is a relief to them that they have experts they can turn to for advice on taxes, structuring, cash flows and finance costs so they can work towards achieving their goals.

Whether you are a property developer, builder, investor, retirement village or aged care facility developer or property fund manager, we have your needs completely covered.

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