Business Growth and Values


Business growth: it’s something most (we would hope, every) business owner wants to achieve. Yet it can also strike fear in the heart of those the business relies on – the customer.

Why? We’ve all heard stories about businesses that lost touch with their client base, whose customers became a loyalty number in a database without a face.

Back when Moore Stephens New South Wales (formerly Byrons Chartered Accountants) was established in 1955, ours was a local business that supported local business. At our heart were four key values: accessibility, honesty, reliability and dedication.

We are a now in the Top 100 Australian accounting firms list and have clients across Australia and overseas.

Yet our business growth hasn’t been all about client numbers. In recent years we’ve concentrated on growing our business in terms of the skills and capabilities of our people. Take for example the arrival to our team of Simon Alford and his high-level taxation experience, or Jason Yu whose law and business systems backgrounds have helped open up Moore Stephens New South Wales to the Australian-Asian community.

There are a few reasons we’ve taken this approach, broadening our repertoire of skills. At the heart, it comes down to retaining our values.

  • We cater to more of our clients’ needs in-house
  • We can serve our clients more proactively, by identifying emerging needs and pre-empting issues.
  • We can coach and mentor more appropriately.
  • We deepen our relationship by really knowing a client, not just a task assigned to their file.

At Moore Stephens New South Wales, we’re gratified to deliver accounting and business services to second and third generation clients. We’re confident such success stems from staying true to the heart.