Geelong Business Trends

The Geelong Chamber of Commerce in partnership with Deakin University and Deakin Business School, presented the findings of the 2016 Geelong Business Trends Survey.

The survey was sent on 15 September 2016 to businesses in the Geelong community. The results are based on 153 responses from the sample frame of 1236 and represent an approximate response rate of 12.4%. Most businesses that responded to the survey (51%) have been operating for 10 or more years. Most respondents (84%) own the business, or are the CEO of the business; they reported on for the survey. 

Key findings 

The overall level of confidence in the future Geelong business environment continues to be positive. Around 77% of businesses expect to increase their profit in the forthcoming 2017 financial year, and 46% of businesses expect to increase the number of employees in their organisations. 

The results showed an upward trend in the overall level of confidence in Geelong businesses and employment expectations to increase substantially.

Business performance results showed that more businesses are reporting decreased in profitability and increased employment compared to previous years.

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