Getting rebranding right

Businesses looking to rebrand need to ensure they are rebranding for the right reasons. Whether you decide to rebrand due to competition or evolving customer needs, ensure you have a clear strategic vision.

A successful rebrand requires planning and consideration of the risks involved. Here are some things to consider before your brand rollout.

Market research

Before embarking on your rebranding, understand how your customers perceive your brand compared to how you would like your brand to be positioned. Conduct research into your customer’s current wants, needs and opinions of your brand and take into account how other stakeholders such as suppliers and the community view your brand. It is a good idea to weigh yourself against competition to help define what sets your brand apart from your competitors.


To ensure everyone is on the same page, communicate with your customers, suppliers and employees to inform them of your rebranding. People are more likely to be receptive to changes if they are clearly explained. Remember to inform staff of any changes or implications that will impact them from the very beginning, as they will become your brand advocates.

Identify what aspects of your business are staying the same, what is changing and a timeline for the rebranding process. This demonstrates you care about your customers, suppliers and staff and you may get some valuable feedback along the way.

Develop a marketing strategy

There is no point investing money in rebranding if you don’t have a marketing strategy to promote and strengthen your new brand. Your marketing strategy should hone in on the core values of your brand, your main message and why you have made changes to your brand.

Once you have a clear vision for your brand, you will need to consider what tactics you will use to launch the new brand. Consider the use of internal campaigns such as meetings, videos and emails to employees announcing the change. You may consider a launch party where clients, employees, media and community members are invited to celebrate the brand rollout.

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