IT Consulting

We all work in environments where the IT landscape is constantly changing and what's more the pace of change is increasing rather than slowing down.

Today, people work and interact using cloud tools, more an more work is performed through automation or 'bots' and inanimate objects are making more and more decisions. 

These changes present fantastic opportunities for organisations of all sizes but it also presents significant challenges:
  • How to harness these technologies to drive value?
  • How to maximise the value of our existing IT spend?
  • How to mitigate the increasing levels and complexities of cyber attacks?
  • How to best optimise the use of IT with our existing people and processes?
Moore Stephens has responded to our clients needs by introducing our IT Consulting division which provides a range of strategic IT services.

The services are wrapped into four themes:

  • Optimise
  • Grow
  • Rescue
  • Protect
Each of these themes reflect the rapidly changing IT landscape faced by many businesses and organisation, not least, the serious issues around privacy, security, operational effectiveness, choice of applications and infrastructure robustness.

In addition, to our core service themes we have two flagship services:


To meet the challenge of mitigating the increasing threat of cyber attacks, Moore Stephens offers it's flagship OnGuard Service - which triangulates the 3 key findamental elements of:
  • System Incident & Event Monitoring
  • Ongoing Cyber Training & Awareness
  • Embedding Security into Policies, Plans and Culture

Virtual CIO

Our virtual CIO service helps clients focus on driving their business whilst we assist by providing IT support in the following areas:

  • IT Strategy & Planning
  • Back-up & Disaster Recovery
  • Network & Security Assessments
  • Information Security Management
  • Technology Roadmap
  • Vendor Management
  • IT Risk & Change management
Our services are aimed at organisations who either do not have the relevant experience in-house or who require the additional comfort of an independent 3rd party advisor.
For more information on any of our services, please see the links below or contact Paul Breman on 08 9225 5335.