Breakout sessions

You are required to select 2 breakout sessions to attend on the Friday afternoon at the conference. You will need to indicate your preferences upon registration at the conference. To help you with your selection we have provided a synopsis of the sessions below:
Breakout 1: International Energy, Mining and Resources
Michael Simms, Head of Energy, Mining & Renewables (“EMR”) in the UK, will provide an overview of the achievements of the EMR international campaign so far and its objectives.  This includes the team’s aim of bringing international member firms with an interest in the sector together to make communication between firms easier, quicker and more effective. The session will highlight key target markets and current clients, planned and in-progress marketing initiatives, new service lines and how your firm can get involved.  Promoting closer collaboration across firms to generate more client opportunities in the EMR sector is a key focus
Breakout 2: Offshoring and outsourcing
Business Process Outsourcing
The challenges and opportunities of building a BPO service line and its strategic importance to a firms sustainable growth

Breakout 3: Corporate Finance
“Developing and winning business together”

Contents are:
1. Who Corporate Finance is and what we do
2. How we make good returns for clients and as a national team: with cross-referrals
3. Case study examples of one that worked well and a horrible “miss”
4. Take it to the client perspective- what do they want from us?