2018-19 Federal Budget Report: Employment and Remuneration

The 2018 Budget highlights the Government’s focus on investing in a stronger economy by backing business to create more and better paying jobs, albeit ensuring all Australians (regardless of age) have the opportunity to participate.

What was announced

  • Support for older Australian’s through the More Choices for a Longer Life package
  • Additional Restart wage subsidies and bringing forward the national roll-out of the Career Transition Assistance program
  • Career options provided to older workers who are facing retrenchment
  •  $18.4 million Regional Employment Trials Program will be rolled-out across ten disadvantaged regions

Support for older Australians

The Government will provide $189.7 million over five years from 2017-18 to support mature age Australians to adapt to the transitioning economy and develop the skills needed to remain in work.

Initiatives include:

  • 136.4 million over four years from 2018-19 for targeted training to help mature age job seekers aged 45 years and over and who are registered with a jobactive provider to enhance employability, develop digital skills and identify opportunities in local labour markets;
  • $19.3 million over three years from 2018-19 for training funding of up to $2,000 for workers aged 45 to 70 years to take up reskilling or upskilling opportunities, with the Government contribution to be matched by either the worker or their current employer;
  • $15.2 million over three years from 2018-19 to support mature age workers who are considering early retirement or who are retrenched to look at alternatives to remain in employment;
  • $17.7 million over four years from 2018-19 for additional Inclusive Entrepreneurship Facilitators for an increased focus on mature age people to promote entrepreneurship and new business opportunities and to provide business mentoring; and
  • $1.1 million in 2018-19 to restructure the Employment Fund to allow additional wage subsidy places for mature age employees.

In addition, the Government will work with business and community peak bodies to develop strategies that promote the benefits of a diverse workforce, influence hiring practices and reduce discrimination. The Government will also better target its existing communication campaign activities for various Australian Government employment services to increase awareness of these programs, within existing funding.

Regional Employment Trials Program

The Government will provide $18.4 million over three years from 2018-19 (including $0.3 million in capital funding in 2018-19) to trial localised approaches to delivering employment services in 10 selected disadvantaged regions. The trial will commence on 1 October 2018 and will fund Employment Facilitators to work with Regional Development Australia (RDA) Committees. Grants of up to $1.0 million will be available to each region to support employment-related projects that invest in local communities and job seekers.

This measure will be partially funded by allocating $13.3 million over three years from the existing resources of the Department of Jobs and Small Business.