Victorian Virtual Cabinet Document Portal

Welcome to our Virtual Cabinet portal for secure document exchange. Our Virtual Cabinet document portal allows you to receive, review, sign and return documents digitally in a secure and efficient manner. You can also instantly download a copy of your signed paperwork for your records.

Documents are signed using a ‘digital signature’, replacing the need for a handwritten or scanned signature. The digital signature is assigned by simply ticking a box to say that you either accept or decline the document. It is fully encrypted using the latest AES-256 bit encryption which is completely secure and traceable. It is now accepted that this form of digital signature is legally binding and will be confirmed if challenged in a court of law.

In the early stages we will be sending your financial package through the Virtual Cabinet document portal, however in the future we are looking to use the portal as our sole means of digital document delivery (including the delivery of Australian Taxation Office correspondence).

Our portal allows us to communicate with you efficiently and securely. You will need to create your own password and activate your account before you can access the information we have sent you.