Business and IP Valuations

Our business valuation services includes formal independent valuation reports suitable for reliance to informal calculation methodologies to assist you in putting a value stake in the ground for negotiations. 

We work with you to understand:

  • WHY (the underlying purpose of the valuation);
  • WHAT (for example, business assets, or 100% equity, or a minority interest);
  • HOW (the standard of value, e.g. Fair Market Value, Market Value for ATO purposes or Fair Value); and
  • WHEN (the valuation date)
We typically use multiple valuation methodologies (e.g. discounted cash flows, capitalised future maintainable earnings).  We deeply research comparable companies and transactions to support our assumptions. We adhere to professional standards, including:
  • APES 225 Professional standard on Valuation Services
  • ATO Market Valuation for tax purposes
  • ASIC RG 111 Content of Expert Reports
  • ASX Listing Rules & Takeovers Panel Guidance Notes
  • Courts Expert Witness Codes.
Importantly, we also hold AFSL licenses in respect of valuation assignments including expert fairness reports on transactions.  We take our independence obligations seriously and apply our judgement fairly in disputes.  In doing so, you can be confident that our formal opinions are well supported and stand up to ASIC, court or ATO scrutiny. 

We are experienced in all types of business valuation needs:
  • Ownership restructures (e.g. in support of tax compliance);
  • Owner exits – friendly or disputes;
  • Family law or estate matters;
  • Purchase price allocation – valuation of intangible assets per AASB3 Business Combinations;
  • IER Fair & Reasonableness reports for:
    • S.611(7) >20% share acquisitions or issues;
    • Disposal of main undertaking;
    • Chapter 2E Related party benefits (including internalisation of fund manager);
    • Share buy-backs & Debt for equity swaps; and
    • Target or Bidder statements
  • Valuation of (employee) options, rights for tax or accounting purposes; and
  • Valuation of different classes of equity.

Our Corporate Finance experience in financial modelling, fund raising, M&A and IPO transaction services garners our valuation service knowledge and helps us to assist you through your process.