Capital Markets

Becoming a public company is a major step in the development of a private company, it can provide capital for growth, create a market for its shares, enhance the profile and credibility of the business, and ultimately provide an exit strategy for its owners.

Within the Corporate Finance team, we proudly provide capital raising services tailored specifically to the needs of our clients seeking to raise money either privately or from public markets. These services, broadly, encapsulate deal origination, lead advisory and the development of optimal and flexible debt and capital structures and competitive financing platforms. We can analyse your choices, present you with alternatives and offer recommendations throughout every stage of the capital lifecycle.

Our capital market and lead advisory services include everything from providing expert advice as to the most appropriate deal structure, introducing the most suitable investors, managing the book build, providing appropriate settlement services and delivering ongoing consultation. We work with you to understand your business and its financial requirements, determine the most appropriate funding solution and ensure the entire process is conducted in a professional and streamlined manner so as to cause the least amount of distraction to you and your business.

We research prospects, provide analysis on potential funding solutions, conduct commercial due diligence and create marketing materials including term sheets, pitch books and other marketing collateral to assist in promoting your business. In doing so, we create bespoke content for you and provide the most appropriate solution for your capital requirements.

We have access to a local and international network of professional, sophisticated, wholesale and retail investors. This expansive global network enables us to provide expert advice on deal structure and introductions to the most suitable local and international investors. We will assist you in marketing your business to a network of carefully selected potential shareholders through roadshows both domestically and internationally (if required).

We have access to the most appropriate tools and exclusive data, ground-breaking technology and expansive research which enables us to generate industry research reports, comparable transactions and in-depth investment market analysis, all to enable us to advise you on the best structure for a successful fund raising.

Our team are extensively experienced in capital market services with a diverse background that provides a unique service offering. Think of us as being an extension of your team; an outsourced service to support your in-house resources. In working with our team we enable you to focus on your business while we manage the entire capital raising process, minimising your time away from your company.

Further, through the MS network, we have access to a wide range of highly skilled professionals, with extensive knowledge and experience in settlement and clearing services to assist the Corporate Finance team in advising on the completion of all fund raising transactions.